Pan Cam Off Position

Does anyone know if the Pan Cam can have an “Off” position. I have a Pan Cam in my living room that automatically shuts off when I’m home, it would be nice if it turned around and faced the wall when it was Off to give confidence that it’s off (yes I know there’s a light) and that people visiting wouldn’t be disturbed by a camera facing the room.

“More” menu … “Off”

Or if the camera is in a Group. tap Off.

I mean a physical Off position. Not how to turn off the Camera, I know how to do that.

When you shut off the Pan Cam I’m hoping you can set the physical position the camera is set to. I would think if it doesn’t have one, then this would be equivalent as a Way Point.

Not at this time. There are a few wishlist items that may be close to your request. Are these what your looking for?

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Those Wishlist items are similar, honestlyz the motion/contact trigger sounds cool, but no it would need to be passed on turning the Cam off ideally to give myself and anyone visiting that the camera isn’t recording, more so than the light, which I keep off just so it doesn’t bug me in a dark room.

I think it’s a nice privacy feature.