Wyze Cam Pan Default position

Is there a way to make the Wyze Cam Pan go back to a default position while having motion detection disabled? I can currently do this with motion detection enabled and with a defined detection zone. However, I ordered the Wyze Sense starter kit and I want to disable the camera’s motion detection feature and only get motion alerts from the Wyze Sense PIR motion sensor. The only dilemma I am realizing at this point is that if another user pans/tilts the camera looking elsewhere, the camera might miss out on what needs to otherwise be captured by the camera unless it returns to a desired default position. So, if I can define a desired default position for the camera to go back to after say about 15 seconds, this would be a non issue. Any ideas?

Just FYI, I DO NOT want motion detection enabled on the camera itself because it creates too many false alerts for my situation even with the sensitivity set to 1 and a defined detection zone.

There are three ways to do this.

  • Center the microUSB port on the base to the rear (180 degrees from front)
  • Set a detection zone, but leave motion detection OFF
  • Set ONE way-point, and turn Pan Scan ON

Ok, I will try this. Thank you. :slight_smile:

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