Rules for a specific camera position and more

I have one camera facing outdoor (v3) from behind the window. I want this cam to face indoor when I’m heading out to watch my dogs.

Alao I want this cam to turn off the pan scan and turn off motion tracking in addition to the above. Is there a rule for this? I only can see reset position.

No. There are no rules that will action the PTZ, Pan Scan, or Motion Tracking on the cam. You can action the Notifications, Motion Detection (Event Recording), or Power state (Privacy Mode).

If you need the cam to move to a different FOV, that has to be done manually.

Too bad. It’d be awesome if Wyze can add this feature.

If you would like to request that Wyze add Actions within the Rules Engine for this, you can add your request thru a post to the Wishlist.

The topic there is Add More Actions for Wyze Rules.

There is one post over there that may already be asking for what you are looking for:

Make sure to Vote for the topic at the very top, like :heart: some posts that you support, and add your reply post to support the request.

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