"On/Off" scheduling?

Any way to schedule times for camera to be On or Off completely? I want to record our bedroom when we’re not home. I don’t need a motion tracking pan/tilt camera following me (watching me) while I’m dancing around the room in my wife’s thongs!


The best way would be get a smartplug that supports IFTTT, then use that to turn the cameras off completely. As a bonus, if the cams ever need a reset, you can do that remotely as well.

IFTTT smartplugs aren’t that expensive either, seen them for $8.

That makes it impossible for the cam to operate, since the power is off.
The “soft off” can turn on again, as other people have reported.

Yes it’s in there, it’s just buried a little. Go into 'Shortcuts > Edit > Tasks > '+’ > ‘Device actions’ > Select your device and pick the action you want, and set trigger to a schedule you specify.


That’d make a good “Captured on Wyze” entry!

Awesome Sauce! Thanks!

Any reason why the action “turn on/off all device notifications” does not work?

I still get motion/sound notifications.

If I select the specific device and choose “turn off motion detection” then they will stop.

LOL, loved reading your question. My wife had suggested the bedroom so she can “keep an eye on the cats” (yes, she is a crazy cat lady) But I nixed the suggestion because “some things cannot be unseen”.

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Amen Brother.

I’d like a way to automatically pan my Cam Pan cameras when I’m home so I have a visual reinforcement that they’re not recording anything.
Be a nice feature to add such a command just to “go full left” or right. :slight_smile:

If you are not already using the Pan Scan feature, you could set that up with one waypoint that is full left or right. Then you could turn on Pan Scan and turn off motion tracking when you’re at home and it would essentially lock the camera in that position. You could set up these actions as a single button in the shortcuts section of the app.


Sorry Loki, Just getting back to this, so thanks for your suggestion.
Can you advise whether I’d be able to enable or disable this via IFTTT or equivalent ?
I guess, activating a “shortcut”.
That way I could use my Hubitat hub with Presence Sensing to send the Camera full left or Right.

Darn it Loki,
This works great when actioned from the Wyze App on my phone and I can set it up to do just what I’m after but controlling Pan Scan from IFTTT does not appear to be available so I do not see a way to automate this with my Hubitat. :frowning:

Via IFTTT I can enable or disable Motion Detection but NOT Pan Scan.

Is the ability to do this near the top of the #roadmap ?

Here’s the #roadmap topic for IFTTT additional triggers and actions:

I honestly would not trust the app to truly and completely turn the camera off even if a schedule is set within the app. If there are privacy concerns such as the camera being in a bedroom or wherever I would get a Wemo smartplug. They are a bit pricey but you can stack almost an infinite number of rules for scheduling. I have tried other smart plugs and I found their programming to be very basic and limited. Also, it does have the IFTTT option for automated recipes based on your location. Additionally, as stated before you can reboot the camera remotely if something goes wrong.