Auto On/Off Feature Request


Could we get an automatic On/Off, Enable/Disable, feature based on phone/device location? Think the Nest app does this already.

Thanks: DES



I would VERY much like to turn all 10 of my pan cams on when I leave the house - and back to their schedule when I return.

Is there any way to do so other than setting each one individually to “all day” when I depart, then going through all of them individually again when I return to set to the schedule?

IFTTT can enable motion detection and notifications when you leave. It’s not exactly the same as turning the camera off and on, but accomplishes the same thing if you’re only concerned with constant notifications/recording when you’re home.

If you can add an on/off feature via IFTTT then you will sell more PTZ cameras. I would like to turn off the PTZ when arriving home…freeks out the family. I need to keep it in the garage, but would like several inside searching while we are out.