Room Sensors keep getting removed from Comfort Control

What is the temp threshold on the remote sensors?

Mine is set to.7 degrees.

My experience is exactly the same. When I first got the thermostat, I kept having to re-add the room sensors to Comfort Control every few days. Some of the things I read indicated that it might be due to the Motion-sensing Comfort options auto-removing them, or the threshold temperature causing it to be excluded, so I turned off Motion-sensing Comfort and at some point things were stable, so I assumed that was the cause of the problem and it had been resolved.

However, now I want to remove one of the room sensors from Comfort Control and it keeps being added back automatically after a day or so. I’m fairly certain that this is the same problem that was happening at the start, and that there is some bug that causes Comfort Control to revert to a previous state.