Room Sensors keep getting removed from Comfort Control

@spamoni4 I contacted support and received the following instructions. Within 2 hours the remotes sensor dropped out again, I simply added it back in and since then (7 days) it has remained in the group!

  1. Confirm if app and device firmware are up to date
  2. Log out of the app and then force close it. Wait 10 seconds, reopen the app and log back in.
  3. Power cycle the Wyze Room Sensor.
  4. Refresh the status of the sensors by swiping down on the page with the list of sensors in the Wyze app.
  5. Factory reset the Wyze Room Sensor.
    a. Press and hold the button on the top of the sensor for about 5 seconds until the sensor’s display shows [188] and then release the button to return to the room temperature and humidity display.
    b. Set up the Wyze Room Sensor as new.

My fingers are crossed!

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That is great news. I it remains connected, you may want to put this out as a Tip and Trick. Not many know these steps.

8 days and it disconnected again.

Interesting, mine remains connected and has been for months now.

Unfortunately, version 1.2.5 is not available at this time. That may be the difference as I recall it mentioned connectivity enhancements

All my sensors eventually disconnect from Comfort Control (no motion), sometimes in a few days, sometimes in a few weeks. I have reset everything and moved sensors around. I have the latest version of firmware, but it is a first edition of the thermostat. My three sensors always appear on the Sensors screen.
I have always had bad experiences dealing with Wyze support - either no response, or some responses that makes it clear that the rep does not understand the problem. Spamoni4, maybe you have more influence than me. Amazing that you have not had an issue with this. Those that do, find it very frustration, because it defeats the entire purpose of having these sensors.

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I am having the same problem. I only have one sensor and it becomes NOT INCLUDED regularly, sometimes multiple times a day, sometimes within hours.

1 month without the problem—

About a month ago, I found that my Schedule temperature settings didn’t match my Temperature Preferences, so I updated them to match each other. (that is a weird design, but beside the point). Ever since then, I haven’t found my 3rd sensor to be automatically re-included in the Comfort Control list.

Not sure if the mismatch in settings is related to the problem, but this could at least be another configuration to test.

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“I found that my Schedule temperature settings didn’t match my Temperature Preferences, so I updated them to match each other.”

What does this mean?

I’ve had the same problem for months. 2 separate thermostats, 2 separate sensors. Both have the issue. Nothing has worked so far.

Setting your Temperature Preferences only affects brand new schedules that you create after that. You have to set the existing schedule temperatures separately.

I have no idea if having the temp preferences and the schedule temps for home, away, sleep, etc. synchronized fixes the issue. I just know that I no longer have the problem, and that was the last thing I updated. Maybe there is a bug in the code linking the two? There is a bug SOMEwhere…

I think mafisher2 is saying that he/she is using Home, Away & Sleep temperature settings to match the schedule changes, but I, as well as what I suspect most others, use the scheduling in much more detail. For example, I ramp up the temperature slowly in cold mornings, so matching my schedule with the Temperature Preferences is not realistic.
I have first editions of the thermostat as well as the sensors. I wonder if those without problems have later models.

I have this problem too. Sensors I remove from Comfort Control keep getting added automatically.

I have 3 sensors connected to the thermostat so I can observe climate around the house. Only one I want included in Comfort Control. When I have Comfort Control enabled, one or both of the other two end up being included within a few hours of being removed. Sometimes it even happens when I have Comfort Control turned off, but this is way less frequent. The sensors that are being added automatically are even placed such that the motion sensors are never triggered, but they still get added to Comfort Control randomly anyway.

Why isn’t it that the settings for sensors are being respected?