Rolling back to official firmware from RTSP firmware on Wyze Cam v2


I’ve flashed the RTSP firmware on 4 cams but eventually the RTSP firmware did not meet my expectations. I’ve decided to rollback to the official firmware which seems to be according to Release Notes & Firmware page on Wyze.

There is no download link for so I had to download the one before that: V4.9.5.36 – is there a reason for that?

After flashing, I checked whether a firmware update is available or not but there isn’t. Any ideas?

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Yeah, the latest firmware was pulled shortly after release due to some bugs people were experiencing.

More info from another post on this forum:

UPDATE 1/22/20:

As some of you noticed, we paused the firmware upgrades for Wyze Cam v2 and Wyze Cam Pan yesterday. We found a couple of issues that did not surface during the beta testing rounds that would lead to load issues with our cloud and connectivity problems for people using Wyze Cams in groups on iOS devices.

We are still working on the fixes for these issues and they will require another firmware upgrade later. In the meantime, no further devices will be upgraded to the new firmware and we are working on solutions to these problems. We expect to have a resolution in the near future. If you are having trouble viewing groups after the firmware update, please contact our customer support team so we can help:

We apologize for this experience and appreciate your patience.