RoboVac charging problem

After ~ 1.5 yr of light use, my RoboVac does not charge when it returns to the base station. I have to manually jiggle the connection to get the RoboVac to charge; sometimes the connection is again lost, requiring re-jiggling. Is this a known problem?

I checked that the electrodes on the base and the RoboVac are clean. Could be a problem with the mechanism in the base station?

Other than this, I’ve been exceedingly happy with the RoboVac.

I’ve had to take an Isopropyl alcohol wipe to mine despite it looking clean to keep it reliable. Maybe that will help you.


Is the charging station on a solid surface, like a wood or tiled floor? Should increase the likelihood of a good connection to the vacuum.


Thanks for the suggestion.

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Thanks for the suggestion.

My charging station is on carpet. It has no problems, but something could’ve changed of late.

So far, cleaning the electrodes seems to do the trick, but I think I should give it more time to be sure.