Robot Vacuum won’t finish charging/stay charged

When my vacuum (BB-8) finishes charging and self docks itself, it sometimes begins charging for a few minutes and then stops and then dies soon after from a low battery. Sometimes it seems to charge for a while and have a decent charge, but then will be dead. For example today it should’ve ran for me, it has been sitting on the charger for about two or three days after self docking, came home and didn’t run because it was dead. It seems really sporadic, sometimes it’s self docks and makes it to 100%, sometimes at docks itself and I have to go physically pick it up and set it on the charger again. Almost every time though it drives itself back to the dock and has a good connection but when I go in the app it is not charging and I have to manually tell it to charge. The area around the dock is completely clear, robot has enough room to maneuver to the prongs, it always seems to have a good contact to the prongs.

This is getting super frustrating, just reached out to support today, is anyone else having charging issues with their vacuum? Also why was I only able to email when it was within support hours (5pm ET).

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Hi @Nickk28, You can call the awsome Wyze support team at


Yes. The same thing happened to me today. After 2 days of non-use, I heard a message saying something like “Turning off due to low battery.” I went over and looked at it and sure enough it was off. I opened the app and the battery was at 8%. Then the app changed to a disconnect icon and said “vacuum disconnected from the Internet”. A moment later, it reconnected itself and said “charging”. It is now charging. I did not physically touch the device through all of this, so it is not a matter of being disconnected from the charger.
Nickk28, did you contact tech support?

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I’ve been having the same problem but tonight realized that, due to shorter baseboards, my charger base is tilting backwards when the vacuum docks.

So, I folded a piece of cardboard to allow the charging station to set up straight and this has appeared to resolve the problem.

I’m glad yours was an easy fix bbarrs. Mine is on hardwood and is firmly up against the baseboard. Fortunately it has not occurred again.

Same thing is happening with mine I’ve had mine less than 2 weeks. Worked fine till 2 days ago

Mine has charging issues too, doesn’t seem to stay connected to the charger base even though it never moves. Starts charging fine, finishes charging rarely. Very frustrating.