Amazingly Slow shipping and no delivery

Why do they take so long sending an item. Mine has been en route since November. (Now it’s Dec 26). If they can’t fulfill orders or get them shipped they need to figure it out or close shop. Horrible service. Used to be good company.

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What item? Have you gotten shipping notification emails or a tracking number?

I would give Support a call and see if they can check on your order.

Here is the phone number:
Wyze Support by phone: (206) 339-9646 Available Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT and Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT

In the most recent shipping update email from the 23rd, the following info was shared about the wco starter bundle shipping:


Here in Canada, Canada Post will post fake tracking report that is delivered with all dates time stamps even they know it is somewhere in their postal warehouse.
Happen quite often.

My stat has been sitting at FedEx since the 24th. Wyze says it was supposed to be here today. FedEx just says pending.
Same old thing, different shipment

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My shipment was supposed to be here on the 26th of Dec. FedEx changed to “Pending” on that day. Here it is 8 days later and still no delivery and says it’s still in CA. Wyze needs to get rid of FedEx. If I have to pay for shipping it should arrive when it supposed to or close to it not weeks later. Same thing happened with my Wyze Thermostat. Delivered 7 days late. If Wyze keeps FedEx I will stop ordering from them. This is ridiculous. If my order is not here by tomorrow I am contacting Wyze for a refund for ALL my shipping costs!

They use FedEx Smart Post (the cheapest of the options FedEx has), and FedEx does not offer guaranteed delivery dates/times with Smart Post. Wyze tried to cheap out by using this option. Mine is stuck with FedEx as Pending for several days with no update in delivery time or tracking location. Still getting packages just fine with UPS, USPS, and FedEx ground. Smart post option stinks.

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People expect shipping to be free nowadays, even though it costs the seller. So for them to pick the cheapest shipping option makes sense.

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My vacuum “shipped” on 1/7 but didn’t actually move until 1/13 then it took the scenic route across the country and stalled again in MA for 3 days. With the amount of shipping Wyze does and the relative cheapness of SmartPost it would seem Wyze is making a profit on substandard shipping. UPS SurePost is quicker and it relies on the USPS to do last mile of delivery. We are paying for it let us decide how it ships.

It FedEx that is the issue here, and I am guessing that Wyze is in a contract. I hate FedEx as well, they left my cameras in a puddle of not melted snow (yes it’s gross). I would much prefer USPS or UPS for delivery. That just my opinion and feedback on my own shipping experience.

Imagine shipping to Puerto Rico. It is terribly slow. Order shipped a month ago and its been in GA since 1/13. I like wyze products but they need to use another carrier for shipments. Not ordering anything else from them anytime soon.