Robot vacuum kitchen cabinet corners

I set up my Wyze robot vacuum last weekend. I’ve found a few quirks in the software, and a few places where it gets stuck or caught… I’ve been able to resolve that by removing throw rugs, and placing artificial walls in areas it would get stuck as a work around for now.

That said, I can’t get the vacuum to clean all the way to the edge of the kitchen cabinets. This is one area I wanted the Wyze vacuum to clean… the crumbs that end up on the floor in the kitchen in the corners under the cabinet doors. The vacuum comes up to this area but stops about 4-6 inches short. It can clean the rest of the kitchen floor, but doesn’t get into any of the corners. Is anyone else experiencing this? and is there a possibility of having the firmware/software improved to get closer to these locations?

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I have the same issue, it just skips one specific corner but cleans the rest.

I have the samw issue and bought it mainly for the kitchen. But it doesn’t clean the problem area. Any suggestions?