Robot vacuum and dark laminate floor

We’ve decided to buy a robot vacuum for the basement and like the mapping function of the Wyze robot vacuum. However this post gives us serious pause. If the vast majority of the floor a very-dark brown, should we purchase another product? thx, sam

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I have Dark Hardwood floors and don’t have any issues with the Vacuum. I can provide a picture if you would like.


This is my floors. My Camera went to night mode, so it is lighter than expected.

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Welcome to the forum @sam452!

How dark are the floors?
While not a solid dark, my Wyze Robot Vacuum operates fine on this color.

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Thank you for sharing. I found a reference to my laminate so that we’re seeing the same.
Perhaps because all the floor, except for dust, dirt is the same color that the robot will calibrate for this dark floor?

The dark color is more so for the Robot Vacuum not falling off a ledge… less about cleaning. The robot does not look for debris, it follows a pattern and cleans everything it rolls over.

Example of the map