Does the robot vacuum need light?

Does the navigation and mapping technology for this vacuum require light for it to function properly? I have been attempting to map a large area, and I often leave, and turn off the lights (habit). Perhaps that is causing my mapping issue? Any thoughts on this?

No, the Robot Vacuum uses Lidar. No Light is required for it to do its job. I have mine going off at 5 am in dark rooms without issues. However, when mapping, reflective surfaces like mirrors could cause some issues with mapping.


LIDAR is only one of the types of sensors it has. There are other sensors too. I also read that other brands of robots have trouble with black flooring. While we don’t have black flooring, our carpet is a darker blue color.

I have had lots of problems getting it to map properly (going on 5 days now). So I’m running it with the lights on to see if that makes a difference. Time will tell…


The robot vac does have edge/cliff sensors on the bottom. These are to ensure that the robot vac does not travel over the edge of stairs or large thresholds, So black and dark colored flooring could affect operation.

Aside from the edge or cliff sensors on the bottom the LiDAR as @spamoni4 mentioned does not require light as seen in this video of the vacuum working in a dark room.


Thanks for the info! So far, it seems to be running fine. It is a 5000+ sqft room, so I will let it run all day, and see what happens. Perhaps the dark carpets, and lights off, contribute to it getting lost, or stuck all the other times.