Robot Vaccum Recharging Level

When my Robot’s charging level dips below 10%, it returns to the base station to recharge (which it is supposed to do). Unfortunately, it only recharges to about 60% before resuming the job which is often not enough power to complete the job so it returns home to recharge again. Is there a way to set the recharge % before it resumes its job? If it would recharge to 100%, it think it would only have to recharge once to complete most of my cleaning jobs.


My tesla charges fast to 80% and slower after that.
For the battery health it is better to not repeatedly charge to 100%.

Thanks for the feedback. Has anyone else noted to what level their robot recharges before restarting the job? Is it 60% or some other level. If recharging to 100% repeatedly is not good for the battery, is there a higher level (that 60%) that is acceptable or is 60% considered optimal for this device? I am just trying to minimize the # of recharges required to finish the task. Thanks…Steve

I’d love to have it recharge to about 90% before continuing a cleaning job. It recharged to only ~60% and took 2 recharges to finish 1 cleaning.


I have the same issue. It takes two recharges to finish vacuuming my house. I believe an adjustable setting for recharge level before restarting would allow me to change to a setting that would only require one recharge to do the entire house