Not going back to charge during cleaning with a low battery

First time I experienced this. Not at home when this happened. Vac was about finished with the cleaning cycle and sent a message for me to charge it (was at 6%) . I thought if the battery was low it would stop the cleaning cycle, get charged up, and resume the cleaning cycle. Even after a full charge the vac didn’t resume the cleaning cycle.

I had a similar problem with the robot not returning to the charger when the battery was low (<10%) even though the app indicated that it was returning to charge. The robot seemed to wander aimlessly around the house as if it did not know how to find the charger. After the latest firmware update, I have not had a similar problem and the unit is performing much better. I am trying to determine if there is a way to have the robot recharge to 100% before finishing a job (right now mine restarts cleaning when it is only 60% recharged) so that it doesn’t have to recharge a second time to finish the job. It would be nice to have an option to set the recharge % or at least have it default to 100%.