Robo Vac Hepa Filter

How do you/can you clean the hepa filter on the Robo Vac. Nothing in instructions/user manual!

You can take it out and either use air compressor to clean it or put under running water, in the 2nd case, be sure to dry it thoroughly before reuse. i put it out in the sun for a few hours in the summer or on the heater vent in the winter.

Thanks for the answer - nothing in the “manual” about the ability to rinse it off!

As a 40+ year professional auto technician, I can unequivocally state “DO NOT USE COMPRESSED AIR TO CLEAN ANY FILTER”

Sorry to shout, but when you use compressed air, you are destroying the filter’s ability to filter. Compressed air will take the dirt particles and blow them through the filter media, creating holes in the filter. Even blowing backwards causes this. Best thing to do is tap the filter to dislodge the dirt.