Wyze Robot Vacuum HEPA Filter covered with red spots

I just took out my dustbin to empty it and noticed that the HEPA filter is covered with red spots. There is nothing red in the lint in the dustbin, or on the “silk” filter in the dustbin itself, and nothing red anywhere in the brush area.

Is this a feature saying it should be replaced, or is it a fungus or other bad stuff?

Given the Season, is there a possibility that it could be glitter from Christmas decorations/wrapping paper, etc? We have decorations and things that shed red glitter everywhere! Only other thing I think of would be carpet or rug lint.

No, I thought of that. Neither of those, and there was nothing red in the collected dust or on the prefilter in the dustbin.

BTW, I bleached it and the red went away, but I’m going to replace the filter anyway.

probably mold - maybe it’s good fungus. It ran over something wet.

I get red/pink stuff in the shower grout lines.