Wyze Cordless Vacuum HEPA Filter Washable?

The quick start guide doesn’t say if the HEPA filter in the cordless vacuum is washable, is it? And on the Wyze parts page for the filter description it says “Works best with the built-in filter brush inside Wyze Cordless Vacuum”. I can’t find this filter brush inside my vacuum.

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HEPA filter is rinseable. :+1: I’ll look for reference later this evening.

Not sure what a filter brush is. I haven’t read the directions but will look for it too. :grinning:

Edit: Re: built-in filter brush… you should have received a hang-tag on your vac’s handle that described the filter brush. The control is under the dust bin exterior, opposite the battery. Turn the big green recessed pinch-knob in either direction 5 times to knock fine dust off the HEPA filter (directions are on the reverse of this tag):

On the Wyze website:

Edit edit: Re: HEPA filter is rinseable: When in doubt check the Wyze website’s product FAQs:

Also, check Quick Start Guide, page 11, Basic Maintenance.


Random question for you users of the cordless vacuum. Does using it make you sneeze? I normally don’t sneeze during vacuuming, but when I use this one, I feel like the filter is letting through micro dust. Or maybe it’s just me. Asking other users…

You might want to start a new thread to ask this question, instead of hijacking mine.

That filter brush really isn’t a brush, it’s just a few tabs that rub against the middle of the HEPA filter. I guess the idea is that it shakes them to loosen dust. But it only touches the center of the filter. I’ve used it and looked at the filter afterwards and while some dust came off, it was still loaded with dust.

I did, Don’t worry, your thread fiefdom is perfectly intact.

Yep. It knocked one heck of a lot of dust out of mine. But I took it out and rinsed it out this morning to get the rest. FYI… it takes a LONG time for that filter to dry.

The HEPA takes way too long to dry, which means we need to purchase more filters so one is dry and ready to go. And the expense of buying bags in a vacuum is now replaced with having to buy HEPA filters. I’d almost rather have the bags back in vacuums, at least then there wouldn’t be so much dust when emptying them.


My filter is dry now… taped the open end of the filter to the outlet of a dehumidifier. But I hear ya. :+1:

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I used a hair dryer on mine, but I can’t see having to constantly do this. Clearly I’m going to need spare HEPA filters. Guess those are on my list along with a spare battery. This $120 vacuum is getting more expensive. lol

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You clean the brush roll yet? That was fun… :frowning_face_with_open_mouth:

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Yes, I’ve had to clean the brush roller and it’s a pain. But Wyze does have a groove in the roller to use a razor or knife to cut the hair free. And hair clogs any vacuum that uses a brush roller. If you vacuum more often the amount of hair will be less with each use.

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Yep, that groove came in handy. Used the roller zipper razor thingy from the robovac on it. I decided to use the cordless vac under a daughter bed where the robovac was afraid to go. :grinning: Clogged to a standstill in less than 60 seconds. Now you know why I had to clean my HEPA filter. :rofl:


Thanks to this thread I just NOW found out that the hepa filter is washable !

I got my cordless vacuum back in December and I’ve used it quite a lot since then and the filter is super dirty, well I went to go place an order for some hepa filters and they’ve been out of stock for weeks now!

I’m gonna rinse the filter out tonight and that’ll at least give me a clean filter to use for a bit longer until I can get some fresh new filters

But now I’m still asking if when are the hepa filters for the cordless vacuum going to come back in stock?!

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Just make sure the filter is completely dry, it my need to set out for a couple days. If it is even slightly damp, mold will grow, being confined inside the vacuum.

Just to make sure here, the white hepa filter is the one that can be washed correct?

Bc theirs also a grey filter that the white filter goes into …

Are you talking about the metal filter? Which is more a screen to filter the larger particles. If so then yes it will need to be washed and dried. But think about it, if it’s not cleaned then it will be clogged up reducing the air flow.

So both the hepa filter and metal screen filter are washable correct ?