Reverting firmware

Why isn’t there a setting anymore to revert the firmware of my devices? I’m having all sorts of issues and there is no way to downgrade.

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You can load any version of firmware that you want. You use a uSD card and do the manual flash procedure. A quick search here will come up with the firmware files and procedure.

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Thought reverting was only a beta program feature.

No. You can use the uSD card flash method to load ANY firmware version at any time.

That’s not what I meant. My understanding is that beta program participants have had a firmware rollback feature in the GUI and that that is what the poster is now missing.

You can remove yourself from the beta program from the GUI.

I’m a beta tester. And the option “having trouble” isn’t there anymore.

Seems like common sense to leave that option available for everyone.

Now I have 3 cameras that are part of my security system not working at all. They just keep clicking and trying to spin all the way around.