New features with old firmware

can anyone find the anomaly with this?

I recently reverted my firmware temporarily so that I would have the ability to do time lapses without running into the “file does not exist” error. so I went back to .33

I recently noticed I have all the latest features of the beta ( person and vehicle tagging) even though I’m running this old version.

I first noticed that I have the time stamp and motion box…while I was marking what was in the frame for the AI…… weird :grin:

I wouldn’t call it a glitch as it is working just fine, just something interesting I found. @gemniii I know you had reverted some cameras too…did you have this happen on yours too?

No, I have not fooled with it, I figured since I reverted it wouldn’t work and I have not had much time to “play” recently.
Might try it.
I just hope they push the easy reversion capability out to the production version if it’s not already there.

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How do I revert to an older version?

here the rough and dirty for how to do it.

go into device info…go to firmware upgrade…click the have a problem area, and you should see a selection of past firmware’s….click what you want to go back to and it will load just like a regular firmware update.

Does that work for non-Beta users also?

that I don’t know… I only do beta

I thought I saw this revert option available for me the other day…I don’t have a beta version. Now I can’t find the option though! It seems like it was removed.

Edit: I found it said. You can’t be on the latest firmware to revert. You don’t need to be on beta though.

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really? I talked with a production user on the latest production and he stated he didn’t have the option to revert. so we made the assumption it was only a beta thing.

Yes. I found out that I can revert to the older fw on my wyze pan because there’s a new available fw update that I haven’t upgraded to yet. I can just do the same thing you described to revert. Unfortunately, I can’t revert on the cameras that have the latest fw updates.

wow. interesting. I wonder why they would pull such a useful feature… hopefully it will be implemented again.

I don’t think they pulled it. It’s still available to revert but you can’t have the latest firmware or else you won’t have the option to click have a problem which leads you to the reverting page. They should make it available to revert even if you have the latest firmware. That would make more sense.

@gemniii you can do it without the beta