Hello Friends, since the last updated of the firmware to version, my 4 wyze cams v3 gone on solid red, and on the app appears DEVICE IS OFFLINE, CODE ERROR 90, since that i’ve try power cycle, reset the setup camera and flash the firmware with a micro sd card to a any older version, but without luck, nothing happen on the cameras at all, the 4 cameras still keeps the solid red light in front, without accepting routines of RESET the camera, or power cycle, neither flash the firmware, i did everything i red on the Wyze Troubleshooting Support,…

I recently spoke with Amazon in order to return all the 4 cameras if someone of Wyze Support doesn’t help me, but that isn’t the idea…

Somebody by any chance, got resolve this issue ???

Well since error -90 is “device offline or not connected to server”, its try this before you send them back. Please.

Power down the devices. Go to your cable modem and power it off, wait 10 and power it back up. Power down your router(s), and wait 10 and back up. Give everything a chance to come back up.

And just for one last try while you are doing what I ask, go into your router settings and set mixed use on your 2.4 GHz band to G -only.

Turn off cell service on your phone or use a tablet to open the app and check your device. You might need to add them back. I’m not even asking what FW version you are on. Take 3 minutes to do this. Might make a difference.

If it helps, you can try turning mixed use of 2.4 GHz back on.

Let us know, please.

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@Sam_Bam a firmware update should not make someone start fiddling with all their equipment that had been working before. The only answer I would accept is to verify if their Internet is working and it was.


The V3 solid red front light is the status light its normal, you can turn that off on your app under advanced tab

I mean solid red always, never change, even when it is booting, actually the app doesn’t recognize the cam, it appears: device offline, code error 90, so all my cams are out of service,

will wyze it support help me ?

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Hi @hmontero Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with the V3’s.
The V3 Cam f/w: (June 14, 2021) has been out awhile and doesn’t seem to be a problem. It may have been a bad load. Happens to me when I perform a group firmware upgrade. Here is an outline of the steps just to be sure.

Make sure you latest App

If all else fails you may call for Live support at: +1-206.339.9646
Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT | Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT
Hope this helps! :slightly_smiling_face:


@odhiambo, agreed, SHOULD not is correct. Want to sit around and look at the wallpaper and hope they just start working on their own? Or maybe try some stuff. :slight_smile:

I don’t understand why Wyze cameras do firmware updates in stages, why not update directly to the latest version? The fewer firmware updates, the less chance of something going wrong.

Are firmware updates patches, that they act on specific versions?

Maybe someone from Wyze could answer this question better. Typically the target firmware has dependencies that must be installed before moving to the next update. Perhaps a security library must be installed before the next version can make a call to that section of code.

You may have experienced this in Windoz where it requires several reboots before the update has been completed. Firefox is another, just before moving to a major revision there are couple minor updates. Setting the table before you eat sort of thing. . . :yum:

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I have the same problem with mine, stuck on initializing. I have seen others with the same issue with no resolve. My first V3 I had for a long time. It suddenly failed in that manner last month. WYZY replaced that cam. I had the replacement for about 2 weeks, just permanently mounted it last Saturday. Updated the firmware at the same time. It just failed at 12:30 PM today. Not sure what’s causing this but the only time it’s not solid red is during the manual reflash of firmware. After that it goes back to solid red and reset does not work to re-add the cam. I think that I may be done with WYZE. When I was waiting for the new cam we had a break in. The thief was caught no thanks to WYZE though.

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Hello Garret, It is exactly my problem, actually I will return the cams v3, since Wyze People doesn’t care about their customers, I done with wyze as well, my time and effort trying to flash and all the jobs to restore the functionality, worth more than the cams,
It seems to doesn’t care to the Wyze brand and IT Support, they have a very bad customer satisfaction experience program

Same problem here. I bought three cameras ten days ago and they did not make notifications and then Bought two today that do not connect and remain on solid red and don’t communicate with the AP. Seems like I have three cameras to return

Interesting it’s weird how some people have so many problems and others like us have over 44 cams in service and our sits and at customers sites and had no issues,we had 1 new V3 Camera and the set-up switch was missing from the board our service technician found that,and yes it was replaced under warranty, and all of our cameras are interface with a Govee wifi plug so our service technician can do a hard cameras re-boot any time,all technicians on Friday make sure that all firmware is up to date


You will learn that once you have your Wyze cams working to NOT update the camera firmware. Wyze support is non-existent, and rather than fix all the problems with their previous products they come out with new buggy products hoping the glitter will distract you.

Once you get the cams working, do not upgrade the cameras.


I already returned them. No time for back and forth with any seller. Let them fix it.

Interesting we have over 44 cams at sites and our service technicians have very issues, the most common issue is with the end user knowledge of there equipment, we had 1 new in the box V3 that was missing the set-up switch on the board,sent a warranty replacement it took 15 days…way 2 long should only be 2-4 days at the most,we sell/service our cameras to customers and most have a 24/7 maintenance contract with us,and all contract customers have cam + as well,so as cheap as these cameras are you get a lot of goddies for the price.

Sam_Bam, did you ever get this resolved? If you have friends (well, I don’t) that have computers, take one of your cameras and try to install at their computer. IOW, get completely out of your domain and see if there’s not some weird interference at your location. I know, I know…this happened AFTER the firmware install. But we have no way of knowing what they changed.
If it works of course you just narrowed down the problem. It honestly could be your router. Maybe all of a sudden the firmware in the router is seeing something nefarious going on with the new firmware. Maybe your router is locked into 5GHZ for some dumb reason. Or maybe there are security issues with this product and the router says…no way.
Since you have multiple cameras and they all do this…I’m thinking that there’s something in your system that needs to be assessed.
That’s because it is not universally reported. Wyze wouldn’t have a clue as to what’s causing this from a remote location. i.e., you’re on your own.

I have no friends either

@WOQR, I think you have my post confused with someone else. I didn’t have the problem initially posted in this thread. But your recommendation does make good sense.

@samovar2005, Its also good to not have friends. Saves you the effort of saying no when they asks to borrow your dog, kids or money.