I had ordered a couple cameras, sd cards and mounting kits only to find out that it would suck up my data as I only have so many GB a month for internet. I have been trying to contact customer service to initiate a refund but I’m in the dark here. Their customer service phone number also does not work.

Hello @MHemmelrick,
Welcome to the community. I have 4 cams and they don’t take much data at all. If you only use the Live Streaming to check on things, it actually doesn’t use much. I’m on a limited data plan as well, and it has not been an issue for me. I will place a link below if you still want to contact support for a return. Hope this helps.


Unfortunately it’s not just the limited internet that’s an issue. I live in the mountains and I’m lucky to get 3gb download speeds. I’ve already contacted support several times about a return but I’m not even sure if anyone is actually on the other end at this point

If you have not heard back from anyone by monday @WyzeGwendolyn might be able to look into it for you then,


@MHemmelrick When you submitted the support request, did you get an email back with a support ticket number? If so, please post it here and let us know the date the request was submitted. If not, it could be in your spam folder.


Number 664643 is my first request and it was on 8.5.2019. I have been checking my spam regularly and nothing has been in there. I just dont want to miss the 30 day window.

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I have asked someone from Wyze to look it up. It won’t be until tomorrow at the earliest.


Thank you very much for your help. I’ll be sure to keep an eye out in my inbox


Hi @MHemmelrick,

We’re super sorry about the delay. We are further behind on support tickets than we would like to be and we’re working on it. I just checked on your ticket and you have a response back from one of our agents. They’ll be able to help you out from here.