Retain video from cloud

I need to record/retain a video that’s currently in the cloud. How do I do this? Extremely important!
Ok, I just noticed a download icon. It said it was “successfully saved to system gallery”. How do I access the “system gallery”?
Another update…I uploaded it to onedrive, googledrive, samsung acct. and even emailed it to myself. I can’t play it on any of those. I’m still looking for the “system gallery” on my original device.

It seems to differ for every device. On my Samsung tablet, it is in DCIM/wyze. And the filename is event(long sring of numbers)_CamMACAddress(and more numbers).mp4.

Try playing it with VLC player.

Are you trying to save a 12 sec or a CMC clip?

I was about to put VLC on this new machine, but happened to read nothing but extremely bad reviews of it - at least for the current version which is all that’s available now. I’m not sure what a CMC clip is.

Complete Motion Capture (CMC)

VLC is just fine, I have literally used it for over 15 years with no issues. It’s one of the first things I install on a new system or device.


You should you have an app on your device called Gallery?

System Gallery is an Android term for the default location where your photos are stored. If you use your phones camera wherever the picture ends up is usually the Gallery.

But since Android is easily modifiable there is no standard location. Each manufacturer and carrier can and does modify the defaults to suit their needs.

Yeah VLC has been around 19 years, is open source, and has a pretty sterling reputation. I don’t happen to love it but it’s fine / pretty good. And there are old versions available going quite far back. Maybe you’re only looking in the Android or Apple app stores? Try the desktop version; the mobile one is still new.

If your need is “extremely important” and VLC will play it, why care about “bad reviews” anyhow?

Multiple version releases:

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I would also like a clear explanation about how to download/share/export event videos from the app.
I tried using the download overlay button on the video, found it in my Pixel’s DCIM/wyze folder, but was unable to play the mp4 file.
I tried using the share overlay button to upload the video directly to my Google Drive. Google Drive indicated it could not playback the file.
I downloaded the file from Drive onto a Windows PC and tried playing it with VLC, but it does nothing.
Do I need a specific codec or something?

What size is the file? Do you have the same trouble with every clip? The point is maybe this one is empty or corrupted.


Thank you! That was the issue!
Per your suggestion, I tried downloading another event video. That file appeared in the folder and even had a preview. So I deleted the corrupt file and re-downloaded the original event.
Thanks again!


You’re welcome, glad to be of service. :wink: