Copy An Event to Album

Most events, I can ignore, but there are a few I need to archive. Being able to copy an event to the album, would save me the trouble of recording playback to save to album.

When viewing events, you should see a share button at the bottom of the screen. Tap that. You should be able to save the video save the video from there. The exact option will depend on whether you’re on iOS or Android. If you don’t see a save option there, you will need to adjust your phone’s settings to add it to the share options.

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UGH, apparently I haven’t had enough coffee yet. I remember how I actually did this. I sent it to myself in a text, and then saved it to my gallery by selecting it after I received it.

(Where ARE those Keurig pods I just bought!)

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The share option is there. Not included in the options, is save to Album within the app or save to gallery on phone. I don’t always want to save to cloud.


Thx. I understand there are kluge ways to handle the save. Adding the app Album and/or phone gallery to the list of share options would be preferred. I don’t always need or want cloud options.

Unfortunately, I’m not an Android user. I assumed modern versions of Android would let you customize the share list to include something like save to gallery (like iOS does), but I guess I was wrong.

Yep, Android. Tried giving the app camera permission, still no gallery option. Odd the app doesn’t have save to Album as a default since that’s where manual recordings/photos go.

That’s too bad. On iOS, you can edit the contents of the share menu right from a “More” button at the end of that menu. Too bad Android doesn’t have something like that.

This Android utility enables saving from the Share menu to a user-created child folder (of the Wyze folder where event clips are stored locally.)

Then navigate: Settings | Storage & USB | Videos | [user-created child folder] is resident

Segregates wanted events and keeps them local anyway. This is Android 6.

On my (Android) devices it’s only possible to download smart video alerts and motion alerts, which the app saves to my DCIM (camera) folder with a meaningless file name. I think it should be trivial to add another button to allow us to save these videos to the album so I’d like that feature to be added.

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