Saving alerts to phone gallery


How do you save alerts to your phone’s gallery? I can share but don’t see an option to save.

The FAQ says "Alert videos can be saved or shared by tapping the Share button in an individual alert video. They can be deleted by tapping the Delete button on the same page.

I do have random 12 second alert clips in a file called “Video” in my gallery but I don’t know how they got there.

I also have folders called manual and Snapshot for videos/snapshots that I have manually created. I took 3 snapshots within a short period of time and 2 are in the manual folder and 1 is in the Snapshot folder. How is it deciding where they go? I just took a couple more and they went to the Snapshot folder.


You are going to have to tell us if you are using an iPhone or Android before anyone can help with this.

I have the same issue in not knowing how some video clips were stored on my Android, version 7.0 phone.

I have not located the answer, to this question, in the FAQs.

BTW, the Gallery app is the default photo and video app on Android.