Restore hardware acceleration on android

Wyze needs to realize that many of us who opt for a $25 camera have older slower devices.
I came for the camera and am staying for the great support.

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My guess is if they did not already know that they found out real quick when the feedback started coming in.


I can assure you that we will not forget this lesson. We didn’t think it would have as drastic of an impact as it did and we were wrong. We’re sorry for this.


I am surprised that only 16 people as of today voted for this option as much as I hear about this topic.

That’s because Wyze already has the ‘fix’ in progress.

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Give this a try. Let Wyze know what your phone hardware / OS is in the thread below if this fix doesn’t work for you:


@Newshound. Glad I saw your post. I was unaware an update was available. It resolved the problems on my old S4. S10 always runs good.



Hi everyone!
This Tuesday we released an Android app version V2.5.36 to the public. It improved the huge video lag during live streaming. If you’re still having issue, please let us know your phone model.


Wyze does it again! Thanks for the relatively quick fix!

Hi everyone, for those of you still having video lagging issue, I want to ask you a favor and invite you to test an Android app V2.6.371. It has a toggle to switch between software and hardware decoders on livestream page. We also added more rendering logs if you send us an app log. If you decide to test the app, please let me know if the issue persists on hardware decoder and submit app logs to us.
How do I send app logs?
Android V2.6.371 Download link


How easy will it be to revert to what we have that works except for the lag?

what version are you on?


I’m hesitant because of the debacle yesterday with V2’s being temporarily bricked. I’ve about 18 V2’s, but only 1 phone.

Very easy.

Well how? Go to the play store? Erase the app and reload from the play store?

Yes, make sure you’re still enrolled in beta program if you want to use beta app.

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Downloaded, unzipped.
App not installed
“the package conflicts with an existing package by the same name”
@WyzeLi - do I have to remove WyzeBeta first?

You will have to uninstall the beta, install the download, then if you need the beta back just uninstall the downloaded one and download the beta from the app store again.