Request to Wyze--Clarify Video Doorbell Chime Pairing Procedure

This is NOT a question, but rather a request to Wyze.

A few days ago I installed my video doorbell successfully, but I was interrupted just when I was about to install the chime. By the time I got back to connecting the chime to the doorbell, there was nowhere that I could find how to do this. All the instructions I found placed me back at square one of installing the doorbell again! Googling the question did not find a resolution, either!! I just kept pushing the reset button on the bottom of the chime and kept plugging it in, but it did not pair!! Only an educated guess, based upon my other Wyze products, was that the chime is an extended device!!! Light bulbs now going off in my head, I proceeded along this line of thinking and I ended up being correct–the chime is, in fact, an extended device and needs to be set up that way just as is the case with other extended devices!!

May I ask that Wyze make this more transparent, both here in the Forums as well as in other areas of their website…and would you also produce a short YouTube video to explain and show how this is done if your doorbell installation is complete but one does not continue to install the chime immediately?

If this information already is readily available and I just missed it, would you kindly point it out, as I could not find it anywhere? Hopefully more transparency about this procedure will cut down on customer frustration and excess tech support interactions.

Thanks in advance!

That is precisely my problem. How did you finally do it?

Run the Wyze app on your cell phone. Select the feature to view the doorbell live video stream. Select the gear icon in the upper right corner of the live stream screen. About half way down the list select Extended Devices. Select Wyze Chime. You should be able to pair the chime to the doorbell from there. Since mine already is paired, you probably are seeing a screen or two differently, but the procedure should work. After I select Wyze Chime I now am in Chime settings, where I can rename the chime, change its tune, Schedule an event for the chime (I have it all day) and I can check Device Info. Good Luck!!