Wyze Doorbell Installation and adding the Chime

Yesterday I received my new Wyze Doorbell. I was very excited about finally installing and testing it out. I am fairly handy so following the instructions for me wasn’t necessary or so I thought. The instructions that came with the device were very basic, but the instructions on my android device clearly walked me through the process. Because I jumped around the instructions, finding out how to install the Chime was difficult. The instructions I read made me believe you just hit the reset on the top of the Chime. After around 45 minutes I figured out that is not the correct way. After connecting the Doorbell to the network, you must go into Doorbell settings and select Extended Devices and add the Chime. Everything works great and we are very pleased! Great product.


Thank you! I too missed the prompt to install the Chime because I stopped to share the doorbell with my husband. This was just what I needed.