Replacing female mini usb on OG camera

I’m trying to replace my female mini usb on my OG camera. Connector is damage so I’m just going to solder it to the 2 wire USB cable. Which one is 5v and which one is ground? Other 2 wires leave them disconnect?

Left to right. Grey, clear, white, brown.


I’m not an electrician. Maybe someone else with more experience will chime in. I entered the picture and your post (with some extra clarifications) into Microsoft Copilot and into Bard to see if they agree (better to ask more than 1 to reduce hallucinations). They both agree that you can ignore the White and Brown Wire since those are data wires. They then give opposite responses for the Grey and Clear Wire.

A search online says that usually the ground is black and the 5V is red. So it’s hard to guess in your case. Maybe the Brown wire is really red? Maybe the grey wire is really black?

A search online looks like they say most USB Wires have red, black, white and green (red=positive 5V, black = negative/ground; white=positivedata; green=negative data)

Google BARD:

Microsoft Copilot (powered by OpenAI):

Sorry, that wasn’t very helpful, but it looks like your wiring is not standard…

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Do you still have the old female Micro USB plug that came off the wires? You should be able to match the colors inside the plug to the pin numbers. Those colors are not standard.

Pin 1 is VDC
Pin 5 is Ground

2 is Data -
3 is Data +
4 is Mode Detect

Thanks for the help. Just 4 wires, I was thinking it was the outside two wires. Grey and Brown?