Cords for cameras

anyone know if we can order new cords for our indoor cameras. my dog got ahold of the cords of 2 of them and now i need to replace them.

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Welcome to the community @Baylu . I am a community member as well and try to assist when possible.

Not sure which Camera you are talking aboue, but the indoor camera’s: V2, V3. Pan Cam utilize a MicroUSB Cable. The power adapter is a 5 volt 1 Amp adapter.

You should be able to get the Micro USB Cable from anywhere.

For Example, this one from Amazon should work

You can even go to your local Electronic Store: Best Buy, MicroCenter, or even Walmart or Target


One catch though – the micro USB plastic housing should be an oval shape, like the original. That way it can plug in properly. Some cables use square housings. The one @spamoni4 posted looks fine. :slight_smile:


Thanks for pointing that out. I should have mentioned. :slight_smile:


Thank you I didn’t even think about that, I might take my cam in to Walmart and see what works :slight_smile:

thank you so much I wasn’t sure if we could use any micro USB or not. This is a huge help bc it means I can also get longer cords lol .

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Yes, in this case no data goes over the cable. But it needs to have an oval shape on the micro USB side.

If you get anything very long, try to get heavier gauge cable to reduce voltage drop. I’d probably keep it as short as necessary otherwise.


I’m only a little short for my one. like 1 inch or 2 lol. So I had to get an extension cord so i could have them in the spot I need it.

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As for the cams I have I have the V2 and V3 and the new black ones (not sure which those are lol)

I have a few cables that were 25 feet. Not in use now, bt they worked.

The Black Camera’s are v2. :slight_smile:

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Excellent point, but if push comes comes to shove, a little creative work with a razor knife or a Dremel tool can work wonders!
Ordered the wrong cables once but after that exercise they worked fine!


True and not true.

The small end needs to be narrow enough to fit. I have MANY usb cables but most don’t fit, a touch too wide. A dremel can work if you have one.

I did find one at 25ft that surprising fit but it’s rare:

2-Pack 25ft Power Extension Cable Compatible for WyzeCam, Wyze Cam Pan, Nest Cam Indoor, Blink, Yi Camera, USB to Micro USB Charging Cord (Black)

I purchased different 25’ cables, but then never used them. They did fit without issue or modifications.

for clarity, which part was not true, would hate to provide incorrect information.

X-Acto blade worked great for me.

You can get them everywhere but not all cables directly fit, some do, some require x-acto modifications

That is true. I let the OP know that as well.


The ones that are specifically advertised as extension cables for the Wyze (and typically other cams) should fit without any issue (as if they didn’t the seller could expect many returns). You may be surprised at the number that are available on Amazon (at least in white):

I noticed one that was over 42 feet. I have to wonder how much of a voltage drop that one has by the other end.

Can you explain what you cut to modify it? I find the Wyze cord plugs to be very specific. My Wyze camera cords will not work on my Wyze headphones, and I have a bin of micro USB cords and none of them work for my cameras. They are not oval, so it would help to know what you adapted for the oval shape. Thank you!

Not surprising, given that the headphones have a USB-C jack, while the cameras use the older micro USB.