Replacement Mounting Plate/ Charging Downtime

Is there any way for me to get a replacement Mounting Plate for the Video Doorbell Pro? I was trying to come up with a way to mount the doorbell Pro so that I could easily add a Battery charger without having to remove the Doorbell Pro completely. I am currently using the Ring Doorbell and I like how I can just replace the battery (I’ve got 2) whenever it needs to be charged. In other words, I’m trying to avoid any downtime. I appreciate your help!

Welcome to the community @kramerison

Which plate are you looking for? The angle plate?

I’m looking for the flat mounting plate. The one that screws into the wall.

Been looking for a 3D print one, I have the angle which I am not going to use. But that wont work for you. Still looking. If I find something, I will print.

Wow. Thank you so much.

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No Problem. You could potentially modify the one with the tape on it to accommodate what you need…