Remove entry door sensors

What do you use to loosen the glue that holds the entry sensor on the door? I put the sensor on a precious wood work and thought it would break down with water but I am not sure. I know these are not permanent fixture but how can you remove the sensor without hurting the door?

Support said to use a pry bar and rip it off but this might damage the door.

Tape knife or 5 way painters tool… Slip it between the adhesive and the pad and pry it away gently.

Hot water for the adhesive ?

I know vinegar and water can be used to remove old wall paper and shouldn’t damage the wood.

Soak a section of the towel in rubbing alcohol (vodka can also make a good alternative if you can part with it :grinning:).

Rub the adhesive until it peels away.

Gently wipe the area

But only thoughts from a home DIYer

@ronaldczarnecki You can try to use a heat gun or a hair dryer… The heat will help loosen up the adhesive and you should have an easier time removing it away from the door…


Dental floss. Take a piece and run it behind the device and it will rip through the adhesive. Then use one of the other methods to remove the remaining stuff.