How to mount door sensor?

puchhased home monitoring bundleplus more sensors and such. trying to mount door sensor. instructions suck. it says remove plasrtic tab .etc.etc. CHECK. Name your sensor. CHECK. Clean desired mounting location CHECK Use the adhesive to secure sensor in place. WHAT ADHESIVE?

Any simple youtube videos out there. I don’t want to watch them build the sensor, i just want to mount the damn thing. Thanks

signed Frustrated user

There is an empty square of double-sided tape on the back of the sensors. Just peel off the plastic covering, and stick the sensor to your door (best you do the placement right the first time!)

Do not place the motion sensor and the entry sensor within about a foot of each other, or you may get periodic motion alerts every 2 hours when the entry sensor updates its status.

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That’s good for the sensor thanks. What about the other piece. These is no adhesive at all that I can see.

You should reply to me and not in general if you want to alert me. I just happened across your reply.

I assume you are talking about the magnet on the entry sensor. If you take a look at it, it has a line etched into the middle of one side. That is the side that faces the other half. If you face that towards you and look to the right, left, top, or bottom perpendicular surface (depending on how you are holding it) you will find the same double-sided tape with a plastic backing.

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