Best way to remove and reposition v2 entry sensor?

naturally i adhered the sensor before i tried opening and closing the door. there is not enough room and the door hits the narrow part of the sensor every time. any ideas welcome on best way to get it off and put it in a new place.

secondary question. it appears the sensor will work in the horizontal position which is how i will probably have to mount it next time at the top of door. anybody know this will NOT work? thanks

goo gone seems to have worked. i was able to remove the sensor and reposition it. not sure how effective the reduced amount of adhesive will hold it in place, but we’ll see. a little paint did come off with the larger part of the sensor, but not the narrow strip. oh well, i expected worse.

You should be able to use 3M command strips to put it back up if it should fall down, which it probably will. Not really made to stick twice, I don’t think.

I have a V1 entry sensor at the top of my door. I don’t think there is any issue with horizontal vs vertical.

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I have used a hair dryer on heat to remove the 3m style foam tapes from Gopro mounts on glass and other surfaces, etc with success. I think the round two of the stickiness is a little compromised but it does work if i remember correctly.


thanks, i should have thought of hair dryer. and i dont really expect the restick to last long but was surprised to find any stickiness left so thought i’d try it.

I did remount the sensors in horizontal at the top of the door, but the narrow strip did not hold. In that position, there is more downward force that makes the adhesive less effective than if it is in the vertical position. Fortunately, there was enough room to use command strips to use on the bottom edge of the door trim and the wider side of the narrow sensor. Working fine. The restick of the large part of the sensor is still holding fine too.

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