Removal of person detection

With the upcoming of removal of the free service “person detection” for individuals who came after Nov 19, i was wondering if there is any other alternatives? I have 7 cams, the inside ones are ok to have notify on motion cause when im not home if there is something is up. but the 4 i have mounted outdoors, and 2 other friends house i did basically the same for will be out of gas?

I dont want to get into a long rant, but i have been here for 8 months and always read that the co that was bought out that provided the service will be replaced inhouse and will “always” be free… now im screwed cause i believed them and my friends will be pissed at me…

do i need to replace all of this hardware and go elsewhere? $2 sounds petty, but times that by 12 cams…


This is further confusing. Do you still have person detection now? I can’t tell what audience has had functional person detection since the loss of the XNor contract.

  1. All accounts pre-existing 11/2019?
  2. Only those pre-existing 11/2019 who had person detection enabled?
  3. Those who kept the XNor firmware?
  4. Those who kept old app versions?
  5. Those on CMC?
  6. Those who were in a beta tester program or class?
  7. Those unwittingly enrolled in such a beta class?

If you still have free PD at this writing I wonder how.

To try to answer your question, if your account was created after 11/2019 I don’t think they will give you the free / name your price PD. :frowning:

In the same boat here. I even paid for CMC for a while but the constant notifications mostly due to the limited detection zone configuration and inability to filter events by something like duration of motion made it more of a nuisance than useful. Also heard all the promises of a suitable replacement once the xnor firmware was pulled. It’s funny the cutoff date is based on some newsletter, I wish I had the box the cam came in, said it had person detection right on it…

At the risk of sounding whiny (more whiny?) the person detection pilot has some shortcomings. The person detection notifications are tied in with motion events, the notifications have a noticeable delay and the detection zone is not considered when it looks for people.

The whole thing is a little confusing, I’m not entirely sure what happens in September. Do we still get person detection on the 12 second clips with 5 minutes between motion. IMHO 12 second clips and 5 minutes between person notifications would be acceptable and live up to the promises.

I posted it elsewhere, but I’ll say it again, if they would work on detection zone customization and better control over sensitivity they would save cloud space and cpu time looking for people in throwaway videos. my 2 cents.

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Person detection is still in “pilot”

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Thanks. So they kept even the post-11/19 people like Jim in a “pilot” for continued free PD which they’re about to yank from them in a couple of weeks? Oh boy, that is not going to be pretty. (If they had kept them from such a pilot at least the policy would be consistent.)

Just FYI, Everyone may know this already but I’ve learned that you can avoid the troubling double speak and BS from wyze can be ignored once you realize that tinycam pro is a FAR superior APP. Providing always on top picture in picture. Significantly more stable overall platform, the ability to integrate multiple camera brands. And RTSP is easy to install and not too mystical. Check it out.

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Do you know if it will be available for iOS?

Sorry, I’m droid,. If you mean the app tinycam pro I’m not sure you’d have to do a search in your app store

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I do not believe Tiny Cam Pro is available for iOS, but I could be wrong

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I have read here that it is not available. I check the appstore regularly but it doesn’t.

@alexey.vasilyev ,

Are you planning to release Tinycam Pro for iOS soon?

No plans for iOS version of tinyCam at the moment.


WYZE claims to have fixed that in the latest beta firmware.

Are you using WYZE RTSP firmware of Dafang?
I’ve seen a few comploaints about the WYZE RTSP being unstable, dropping connections.

I do use tinyCam server with standard WYZE cameras.

I do use the wyze rtsp, I have also played with the dafang hack. But only on xiaomi cameras,. I’ve not had success with them yet, I’m missing some knowledge to make it work, but I’m learning more all the time. It was in doing the research that I found the hardware differences. Wyze sources cameras from the same manufacturer as xaiomi, neos and I think there is another one but I can’t remember. Xaiomi cameras have four LED, not all of my wyze do All of my xiaomi cameras have been very good, however their native app is inconsistent.
Xaiomi xaiofang and dafang cameras are can only be used in the US if you tell the native app you are in mainland china.Also I’ve noted, there is a base app that is used from the manufacturer, so wyze doesn’t build from the ground up, so my guess is they don’t need to understand as much to add on and perhaps that’s where they run into problems.

So are your WYZE cams stable on RTSP? Do they drop connections?

I don’t find them to be any more unstable with rtsp than without. I think a significant amount of instability comes from APP/server setup. Also I think instability sneaks in from specific home network issues.

If that’s the case I can’t see why I would bother with RTSP. I have my cameras set up in tinyCam but find it has trouble maintsining a connection.

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Angus, I get it completely. one of the things I like about RTSP is that it doesn’t go to any foreign servers,

Can you control PTZ for the Pan Cam in tinyCam?