Remotely flip cam to 2nd WiFi (need to)

Now that I’m away from the house for a bit, I find that I need to switch one of the regular WyzeCam v2 units to the extended network since it’s decided it can’t get a good connection to the main one. It would be great if I could tell it to connect to the other one without having to be there in person. Luckily, I have a couple of other cams set that basically cover similar area so it’s not critical but would be handy to be able to just flip it over to using the extended network signal since it decided to have trouble on the main one now.

A couple of questions about this:

  1. Are you basically asking for the camera to store two different wifi SSIDs with the ability to direct the camera to switch between them on command?

  2. In your use case, why can’t you just leave the camera on the extended network signal all the time?

The camera was working fine… so I let it be, it’d been fine on the main wireless for a long time but, once I left it decided it wasn’t getting a good signal. So, I desire the ability to give it a replacement Wi-Fi login, not that it would need to maintain 2. …though, nah, I wasn’t thinking of that. I’d just wished to be able to change it’s saved Wi-Fi login so it would restart & come up on the new Extended signal I added since it’s not doing well now.

That makes sense. The camera should have the ability to choose which network connection is the strongest and switch itself over to that network.

The other thought is to get a range extender (signal repeater)… and broadcast using the same network information as the main router.

This might be the #wishlist topic you’re looking for: Change WiFi Network Name (SSID) and password without device reset. If so, please hop over there and vote for and/or comment on it.

Thanks.! I went right over & voted for that. It’s close enough to be certain to cover being able to switch it to another WiFi signal in my book.