How to switch to another WiFi network

I have one WiFI network and two WiFi repeaters running here. I’m running the OG on the main WiFi network and it’s marginal at best, would like to switch it to one of the repeater outputs that will give a better signal. How do I do that? I see where the network setting is in the configurations but it won’t let me change it.

Hit the setup button on the cam, and add it as if it was a new cam. You do not need to delete the cam from the app so that all your settings are saved.


If the Repeaters are just Range Extenders on the same SSID and PW as the Root Router, the cam isn’t going to have the ability to choose which signal it uses. Perhaps the settings in the root router has the ability to direct which network device the cam connects to. I have found that many of my cams, once connected to the root router, don’t like to give up its connection to change to a closer extender or node.

If the repeaters have their own unique SSID and PW, then the response above by @IEatBeans will allow connection to the repeater you choose.

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Instead of repeaters, which I have had poor experiences with, I recommend adding a mesh router. Nodes are strategically placed to optimize coverage. Most will connect with your existing router via a LAN port.

All my Wyze cams are connected to the mesh router (Tenda MW6). My main router (Tenda AC23) is upstairs in the middle of the house. One node is in the basement on the south end of the house, and a second node is upstairs at the north end of the house. The main node is right next to the main router connected by a short ethernet cable. This setup has provided great results for over a year.