Remotely delete playback videos on sdcard from the app


It would be great if you could delete playback video on a sdcard remotely from within the app.

And have a place in the app like the cam plus where you can watch all the videos and delete it from that screen

For what purpose? In other words, why do you want to delete videos - either on the cloud or on the uSD card? Deleting videos on either one serves no useful purpose, In the case of cloud videos, they will go away in 14 days, and for uSD card videos they will be deleted automatically when the card fills.

Deleted selected videos from the SD card

The option to access and delete selected videos from the SD card without removing it from the camera should be an option. To remove the SD card can involve climbing a ladder to reach the mounted camera. And we should not have to use a computer with a built in SD card reader to do this.