Please confirm storage

  1. "View Playback" is this stored on Sdcard? Once Sdcard removed playback is not available. How to delete partial? Ex: 10am-11am.
  2. What about album? I'd assumed it's cloud storage because still available after Sdcard removed.
Anyone confirm this please.

What you see with “View Playback” is indeed stored on the uSD card in each individual camera. If you remove the uSD card from the camera, you can view it by plugging it into a PC. You can also copy the files to your PC. Each minute is a separate file, so a player that will automatically play multiple files works better. I use VLC for the purpose. If you take a card out of the camera (for example to copy a bunch of files to your PC) and then put the card back into the camera, the files will be available again via the camera / App / “View Playback”. There is no provision within the App to delete only specific video files from the uSD card, however you can do so on a PC.

When you record to the Album, that is stored on your phone.


Yes, View Playback is what’s on the SD card

You can’t delete partial from card from wyze app

The album is on your device .

Notifications is the clips stored on the cloud , that’s the only thing that is stored on the cloud.

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