FAQ, or detailed Cam 3 Documentation Available

Is there a FAQ, or even better, a detailed user guide that talks about all the functionality of the App? Forums are great, but a consolidated user guide would be great…


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Thanks Newshound, I do appreciate the response. I’ve been there at it’s still fairly high level,

Some features I’ve been wondering about is when I select playback from the main screen of the camera, where is that video stored? Is it on the SD card, in the cloud, both? Also, why is it when I delete a video from the events screen, it still seems to show up later in the events screen or playback screen. And why is there a Person & Motion button to select on the events screen, are those filters?

There’s a lot of functionality that really isn’t covered in the online FAQ or user guide that would be extremely helpful to read in a single document to help understand how it all works before having to resort to searching forums.

Maybe I missed some other user guide that’s more detailed?

Thanks again,

Since the operation of the V3 is much like the V2, most any functions they duplicated didn’t make it to the V3 pages. So don’t be shy about reading V2 links too. :slight_smile:

All Playback buttons (below live stream when in Portrait mode, and below the clip when viewing Events) are routes to the SD Card. The Events tab is the Cloud.

Playback is a separate source, the SD card. The Events tab is the Cloud. However, you should be able to delete something on the Events tab and have it stay deleted. It would be a first if not. What may be happening is you are seeing similar clips. Only 20 clips will load by default. If you select “Delete All” at that point, you will delete 20 clips. If there are another 20, they will load. The way to delete all is to scroll to the bottom of the Events list first, which will load all clips. Then delete all.