Remote switch for pumps, such as 1.5 kw capacity?

I have a backyard fountain, with lights and pump. The pump burned out my standard remote switch, because of too much wattage. Does Wyze sell a remote switch which will handle 1.5 kw?

A “chat” exchange w/ customer service indicated “No”.
So . . . please add “Higher power switch” to your “wanted list”.
The ones I’m finding on Amazon will not fit alongside my Wyze switch for the lights (which works great) inside a standard outdoor double-gang box.
And, I would love one which will simply fit in, in the Wyze app, on my cell phone, next to my “Fountain lights” switch.

Are you saying like a smart outlet? Could you use a Wyze plug for this?

For the smart outlet, please add a vote to this wishlist request. Wyze Smart Outlet, not Wyze Plug

Hmm . . . interesting. The Wyze Plug Outdoor (Wyze Plug Outdoor | Best Wi-Fi Outdoor Electrical Outlet & Smart Plug) says it is good for 15 amps, which is all I need;
– BUT –
that same webpage also says it is only good for 0.5 horsepower motors. And, my pump (rated at 15 amps) says it is a 1.5 hp pump.
So . . . which number should I rely on?

A pump motor has a large startup surge current, so I would believe the 0.5 HP rating.
Solution. Use a Wyze switch product that drives a heavy duty relay that can handle your pump.
I had the same problem years ago with a remote switch that was controlling a 12,000 BTU window air conditioner.


MOST interesting; MANY thanks!
Can someone give me a link to a thread, diagram, or whatever, showing exactly what parts I should get, and how I should link them to each other?
And, if that “heavy duty relay” is something which Wyze does not offer, then can someone suggest what brand and model number I should get?

Look on youtube or visit Home Depot where people have successfully used a device just like a WYZE plug to control a contactor which in turns on or off higher voltages and or higher current devices. You may have to DYI it but it is pretty straightforward.