What happens if i overload my wyze plug?

So i’m not sure how many amps my garage door motor is couldn’t find it online or in the manual. Will I kill my wyze plug if I plug it in and the motor is 20 amps?

The Wyze plug electrical output is 15A max, so :hear_no_evil: :boom: :dash: wear earplugs and have a fire extinguisher handy just in case. :sweat_smile:

Then again it might just trip a breaker.

If your garage door motor is 20A and is properly wired (ie., UL or ETL certified), it will have a 20A plug. A 20A plug has one of the prongs rotated 90 degrees, and won’t fit into a standard receptacle. Nor the Wyze plug.

If your motor has a ‘regular’ 2- or 3-pin plug that fits into ordinary household receptacles, it’s probably not a 20A motor.


After some searching, it appears most openers require a 15 amp circuit for code.

Search for “typical amp draw garage door opener”. I found most residential openers are around 5-6 amps. They rate the opener amps at stall. So it seems the WYZE plug can handle a garage door opener.

What is the brand and model number of your opener?

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After going thru many many home inspections, I have not seen a garage door opener with anything but a 15 amp standard circuit. Caveat that by saying that different states have different requirements. The Wyze Plug is rated for 15 amps and if you have a standard 3 prong circuit it will plug into the outlet and you shouldn’t have any problems. As @kyphos said, if you have a 20 amp properly wired circuit or device the plug won’t it into your outlet and the device won’t fit into the plug.

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I wondered about the oddball outlet I would see in the hospital ER but by the time I got around to Googling it, I forgot what I was Googling. Thanks for teaching this old dog something .

If your opener is programmable I would worry about it forgetting its codes if left powered off for extended periods…?

@ultra1genius what are you even talking about? This is about Wyze smart plugs, not cameras. Please re-read the thread before commenting. There are no “fallacies”.

Sorry, you are correct.

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You can replace a 20 amp receptacle with a standard 15 amp one IF you also replace the breaker with a 15 amp breaker. You CANNOT do the opposite.


The NEMA 5-20R, 20A receptacle is backwards compatible. You can plug 5-15 plugs in a 5-20R receptacle, just not the other way around. You don’t want to have 20A loads on a 15A circuit. The Wyze plug will fit just fine.

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Guys, Fries, no one is doubting where the Wyze plug will fit. The caution/advice here was about what would or would not fit INTO the Wyze plug, e.g., a theoretical 20 Amp garage door opener.

Exactly my point.

If the OP’s door has a 20A motor and is properly wired (ie, with a 20A plug), it won’t fit into the Wyze plug. Therefore, no chance of overloading the Wyze plug.

If the OP’s door has a 20A motor and is wired with a regular 15A plug, then’s he/she’s got a problem. The Wyze plug might fry. The breaker on that circuit might trip.

I think it’s pretty unlikely that his garage door has a 20A motor, unless it’s a ginormous industrial-grade door.


A 20A plug can’t be plugged into a 15A recepticle. A 15A pluggef can be plugged into a 20A recepticle.

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Exactly. The only concern would be to watch the current ratings on the Wyze plug relay and connected load. That’s rated for the full 15 amps of 5-15 so that’s a non issue. If the opener has a 5-20 plug is just will not plug in the Wyze plug, so it’s fine.

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