Remote connection(LTE) taking long time or not connecting

I think there’s an issue with V2 and Pan cameras connecting remotely. WiFi log in is fine. For the last week takes long time to connect. Never happened few weeks ago. Disable Airtime fairness on Asus RT-68u but still the same problems? 2.4 or 5 ghz doesn’t matter. Can’t log in remotely. Restarted Wyse cams, router reboot, router WiFi channel changes and still takes forever or not at all to connect.
Maybe more users now with Wyse cam camera, Wyse ddns servers, Wyse servers overloaded??? Wyse should have a GUI login so users can log in and make changes. Whats going on?

There is already a topic open on this. Some users are having issues. I have posted the topic link below. I hope this helps.