Connecting remotely and staying connected

I have the V2 for a few days now and so far there’s been no issues with connecting and staying connected while I’m home. However trying to connect remotely from my Samsung S8 is useless. Only 1 or 2 attempts out of 10 will connect and when it finally does it’s only for 10 seconds or so. When it does connect the Live Streaming is like a slide show so forget about trying to monitor something for even a few seconds. I’ve tried going with SD resolution and disabling any sound to reduce bandwidth usage but it makes no difference. My internet is 10 mbps up, not the fastest but should be fine for Live Streaming in SD. The 720p camera I had before had no issue connecting or maintaining the connection (hours if I wanted to) so it’s likely not something on my end. All I need is to check on my saltwater aquarium (needed when you have hundreds invested) for a minute or 2 each hour and it can’t even do that.

Hard to say what could be causing this as it could be several things. There’s a troubleshooting guide in the Support section (link at the top of this page). If that doesn’t resolve it, I’d suggest submitting a support ticket from within the app while you’re having the issue. This will send the logs to Wyze so they can analyze what’s going on.