Remote camera location?

I have several of your products at home. But I would like to add an indoor camera at my work office several miles away and different network. Open WiFi is available at the office. Is there a camera I could use for this situation? Cam OG maybe? Do I need a base unit also?

Do you have campus? OG would be great or the V3 as well.

Yes, you can have cameras on your account at different locations on different WiFi networks.

Just a question: Is this your business or are you an employee of someone else? Do you need permission to install the camera?

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I am not sure about the new OG Cams or the PanV3. I haven’t read yet if someone has tested installation on an open network.

I do know that the V3 Pro does NOT like open networks:

If the cam is a wired cam, like the V3, and is compatible with an open unsecured network, there is no “base unit” needed. The only requirement when you install is that your phone must be logged into that WiFi network. Once setup and logged in, you can access it from the app anywhere your phone has internet.