Remote access/control of thermostat (away from home network)

Just installed the thermostat, and it works great using the app at home. Is there any way to control the thermostat while I am away from my home wifi network? In other words, using the app can I turn up the heat remotely when I’m say 15 minutes away from arriving home?


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ummm, ok, how? As far as I know, my phone isn’t connected to my home wifi network when I’m away

You can have geo fencing turned on, if you go to the device settings and toggle on auto switch.

You’ll have to set your temperate preference for home, and it’ll set your thermostat to home mode and begin heating.

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thanks, I’ll give that a shot

The Thermostat, and all your Wyze devices, are IP devices. Once installed to your network at home, they are listed in your account on the server. When you use the app from anywhere in the world with internet access or cellular data, you are logging into that server which then loads a direct connection to all your devices. You can even have devices on your account from multiple locations all over the world. Some folks have thermostats in multiple houses.

That is the beauty of IP devices, once installed to your home network, you can controll them from anywhere there is internet.

I have many rules and routines built. One of these is when I get close to home I tell Alexa in my car “I’m Arriving” (I don’t use geofencing or GPS Services). Alexa pulls the trigger and turns on my “Arrive” plug which then triggers the lights on, thermostat to Home Mode, cam notifications off, and uploads a video from a cam that in turn triggers a macro on my phone to disarm my HMS security system. Automation can be as simple or as complicated as you choose to make it.