Auto away behavior

I currently allow my wife to sign into my Wyze account on her IOs phone, and we just installed the Wyze thermostat.

If I turn on auto away switch, which sets the thermostat to away when I leave the house, if her app also has it turned on signed into my account also, will it not turn on auto away?

Furthermore, if she uses her own account, and I share access to the device, will it work such that if one of us is home its set to home mode, or will it try to change when one leaves or one returns?

Lastly if you had a child with a phone, could you give them the app so if they were home it sets the thermostat mode to home, but not let them change the thermostat beyond that?

I know that with my away from home and home setup for my indoor cams with my wife and I whoever leaves the house last hits away from home and whoever gets home first hits home before they come in. So whoever pushed the choice last is where it stays. Surely yours will operate the same way.

Good question, am curious about this as well so following. You are talking about the auto switch feature