Thermostat "auto-switch"

I’m on my third WYZE thermostat, they just keep sending new units, but not fixing the problem.

Everytime I bring up the thermostat on my app (iOS) it says “Provide your location to enable Auto-Switch”. I do have auto-switch enabled in the settings. When I click the message it takes me to a map. I’ve tried updating it with my current location and also updating it with the location of the home where the thermostat is at. In all instances after I ‘save’ the message will go away for a bit and then after 1-2 seconds it re-appears.

I’m using iphone
I have permissions set to use location “always”

I don’t know what else to do but I’m pretty confident a fourth thermostat won’t fix the problem.

Any ideas?

Have you tried telling it no?

no option to click / select no.

Mine does the exact same thing. Always thinks I’m not when I’m right beside it. I even have the auto switch feature disabled because it’s so annoying but the app still almost always displays the message that I’m away. Rarely does it say I’m at home. I just keep the temperatures set the same for both the home and away profiles so I don’t have to deal with it. This thing is super buggy.

I am having the same issue. Regardless of setting auto switch or not it keeps telling me to set my location - which I do, save, and then the “alert” goes away and comes back seconds later. Is there any update for this bug Wyze? Feels more like an app issue than thermostat one.

Mine is doing the same thing. Any update Wyze?

Hello Wyze?

Just setup your profiles as you want. “Home, Sleep, Away”…

Then use the Wyze App “Location-Based Triggers”. Setup a rule to set it to Away when you leave. Then set another rule to set it to Home when you come home. Easy-peezy.

My house greets me by lighting up the front porch, garage lights, living room lights, and setting the thermostat.

If I leave home, everything turns off or turns down… Easy.

Update: this looks like it has just been fixed in v2.26.21 of the Wyze app.

Thank you Wyze!