Does Wyze Thermostat Auto Switch function take into account shared users?

Does the thermostat’s Auto Switch function take into account the location of multiple users sharing the thermostat device or does it only apply to the location of the primary user?

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the short answer is I’m not certain. the long answer is I’ve never seen autoswitch activate when a shared user is at home but I have seen it activate when we are both not home. I’ve also never seen it activate when all shared users leave after the primary user leaves.

Thanks for the reply @vaaish

I am hoping someone can supply a more definitive answer at some point.

It would also have been nice if this was described in the documentation. Most people share a household with someone else so this is an important issue.

I agree 100% it’s an important issue but it’s also one I’ve never see anyone outside of some DIY automation options tackle. I run into this all the time trying to set up alexa routines and always end up blocked because there’s no way to select multiple devices to trigger.